Passion is behind all we do.

From Tradewind’s beginnings, 我一直致力于为hg2088足球平台的客户提供量身定制的贸易融资解决方案,提供可靠的金融支持,使他们能够规划他们的长期业务目标.

Ansgar Hütten
Executive Director



Our company opened its doors in 2000. For more than 20 years, hg2088足球平台一直为全球各种规模的企业提供融资解决方案. We now operate more than 20 offices in 14 countries.


We create products for our customers, prioritizing their needs first. Our solutions are constantly evolving with their requirements.


Each Tradewind employee brings unique experience to the team. Together, we work to help our clients do business securely.


From our teams to our services, hg2088足球平台在国际层面上运作,以满足客户在国内和不同市场的业务需求.

“Making financing exciting for our clients”

After 24 years in banking and trade finance, 当hg2088足球平台开始构建解决方案时,我仍然很享受新客户的兴奋感.

15+ of those years have been at Tradewind, 我喜欢与客户和同事建立的关系. I am proud of the solution we can offer in various parts of the world.


Meet our Executive Team
Led by

Our leadership team is comprised of experts in international trade, finance, technology, law, operations, and more. Combining these skills, we deliver comprehensive services for our clients, from financing to local market insights.

Putting expertise from famous brands into trade finance.

My experience at Procter & 甘布尔和李维斯让我对大品牌及其供应商的运作方式有了第一手的了解, their challenges and what they need to do business better. 我利用这些经验帮助创建解决实际问题的贸易融资解决方案, from the factory floor up, so that companies can focus on their core business and achieve growth.


Peter Maerevoet
Chief Financial Officer & CEO for Asia

A unique combination of

Global orientation
and local expertise

Our services combine global scale and local market insights. hg2088足球平台通过办事处网络为客户提供实地支持.

Dedication to excellence drives me.

我的整个行为和思想都是由实现卓越运营的愿望驱动的, client centricity and continuous improvement.

With us, based on our extensive expertise and experience, 每个客户都可以期待一个真正符合他们个人需求的量身定制的解决方案.

Mario Voß
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director

Constantly adapting to

New challenges that require
innovative solutions.

Tradewind stays up-to-date with the latest technologies. hg2088足球平台的目标是始终优化hg2088足球平台公司和hg2088足球平台所服务的客户的运营.

I am striving to break new ground.




Stephan Helten
Chief Technology Officer

We care about

Transparent and Sustainable Principles

At Tradewind, we take socially responsible efforts seriously, 因此,hg2088足球平台的业务可以确保为员工提供一个公平的工作场所,并为一个更可持续的世界做出贡献.

It is our goal to make a difference.

In my experience, communication and cooperation are key to success. 在信风,hg2088足球平台在不同的国家和文化中一起工作,我很高兴找到了这样一个伟大的团队. Together we are doing our part to make the world a better place.


Johan Geduhn
Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, & Executive Director



I help simplify a complex legal environment.

我致力于支持信德风及其客户,使每一位客户都能在hg2088足球平台所处的高度复杂的法律环境中成功地管理他们的工作和业务. 只要有开放的心态和改进的意愿,一切都可以实现.


Agnes Urbancsek
Head of Legal



I oversee refinancing with optimal results.

I am eager to perfom each day to serve our company´s refinancing needs. Combining our long-lasting capital market experience, innovative approaches and customized solutions, we offer the best refinancing methods in the global market.

Christian Klüser
Global Head of Treasury

Our lending mechanisms


在信风,hg2088足球平台为客户最大限度地提高流动性,同时最大限度地降低交易风险. hg2088足球平台的团队定期进行尽职调查,并监督买家的信誉.

Building creative solutions for complex scenarios.

My journey with Tradewind started in 2005. 我有机会担任金融分析师和业务发展经理. 我在跨境应收账款融资方面的风险管理和业务开发经验帮助我更好地了解hg2088足球平台全球业务的复杂性.

Borislav Tzvetanov
Global Credit Director

The hub of our daily work.

为客户提供快速、无缝的服务是hg2088足球平台工作的核心. hg2088足球平台使用既定的和优化的流程,以确保hg2088足球平台的客户的需求得到及时满足.

At the heart of what we do.

我的日常工作要求我战略性地思考流动性问题,并把它交到客户手中. 我利用我对融资的理解,尽可能以最好的方式支持hg2088足球平台合作的企业.


Sabrina Stormanns
Head of Factoring

We invest in solutions

Tailor-made for each client’s needs.

hg2088足球平台相信通过为每个客户量身定制的解决方案来解决他们的现金流挑战, and only them. At Tradewind, we stay away from a one-size-fits-all approach.


It’s not about improved numbers only – it’s about making a difference. 我以耐心和开放的心态接近客户,并根据他们的需求生产产品. 了解新的行业,加深我在国际商品贸易方面的现有经验,对我很有帮助.

Klarissa Blatnik
Regional CEO Europe

Making the Impossible, Possible

The future depends on what you do today. 我每天早上醒来都要支持信风的客户实现他们的财务目标. In the Commercial department, we build relationships with customers by listening to their needs, first and foremost, and creating a solution that will solve their challenges in response.


Soheil Zali
Regional CEO – Middle East & South Asia

Applying my finance background to trade.

我在金融领域的经历让我熟悉了不同的行业和融资解决方案. At Tradewind, 我利用这些经验来了解客户的需求,并为他们提供量身定制的支持. 作为贸易金融世界的一部分,我对每天不断学习的所有行业都很着迷.

Christian Fehmerling
Regional Commercial Europe

Change is the only constant in life

在过去的几年里,出口商面临着许多不利的变化,比如covid - 19, the shipping crisis, political turbulence, high inflation, etc. With our expertise in factoring, hg2088足球平台已经制定了一些措施来帮助hg2088足球平台的客户减轻这些变化带来的风险,以便他们能够安全、和平地开展业务活动. 对我自己来说,我是通过不断地改变、进化和适应来应对变化的.


Dickson Au
Regional CEO – Far East